Guitar Gear

Cliff Lynton has played in a wide variety of bands spanning many years, and is often the case, music gear & equipment used varies from show-to-show. The following rig rundown is what Cliff’s currently using when playing live.



  • Sadowsky 'Custom' Strat
  • Sadowsky Electric Nylon String
  • Wegan picks
  • Evidence Audio cables
Sadowsky Guitars


  • Koch Studiotone Combo
  • Ceriatone Overtone Special
  • Di Renzo 2x12 speaker cabinet
  • TC Electronics G-Major multi-effects processor
  • Digital Music Corp. Ground Control GCX guitar audio switcher
Koch Amplifier


  • Vortex Pedals Blue Maiden Chorus
  • Strymon El Capistan Delay
  • Hermida Zendrive
  • Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
  • Ibanez TS9 (modded) Tube Screamer
  • Vox V847 (Vintage 1960's) Wah
  • T-Rex Replica Delay
  • Lovepedal Amp 50 and Xotic BB Pre-amp & RC Booster
Blue Maiden Chorus

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