Kid's Guitar Lessons

Kid's Guitar Lessons

We begin teaching children guitar from age six up.

Exposure to music from an early age encourages important influences on a child’s developmental skills and can enrich lifelong enjoyment whilst developing mental and physical abilities.

Studies show that learning to play an instrument fosters creativity, discipline, leadership, self-esteem and develops personal and social skills in-and-out of the classroom.

Our teachers are patient, friendly and professional and trained to teach kids of all ages. Your teacher can work on the individual needs and create a bond with the pupil.

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Benefits of learning young

Private lessons will inspire, nurture and encourage your child to stretch and listen to a wide variety of musical genres whilst ultimately becoming an independent learner with a great sense of accomplishment.

Learning to read music notation is an important part of our teaching method.

Kids who play guitar have improved learning skills, increased attention span, strong motor skills, excellent co-ordination, are generally more academic and function well under difficult situations.

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