Teaching Method

The Method

The Cliff Lynton Guitar Institute remains committed to our outstanding teaching method that is used at many leading schools across Australia. As such we have developed our own syllabus. Whether an absolute beginner or advanced guitar player, my method is graded so that the individual is always progressing.

Our method offers styles for the classic, modern and progressive contemporary guitarist. This ensures a strong well rounded solid musician capable of playing and working anywhere in the world.

Past students are now teaching at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and performing live across Australia, America and Europe.

We cover all grades of AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) and cater for WAAPA (West Australian Acadamy of Performing Arts) entrance exams.

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Guitar Method 1

Book 1: Beginners

Book I is for beginners who will learn chords, songs, rhythm and be playing songs that they thought not possible on their own, yet always in a fun and rewarding way.

Guitar Method 2

Book 2: Intermediate

Book II caters for intermediate students and covers extended chords, scale structures chop building and technique enhancement to make you a solid player. Your will feel confident and in control with a strong knowledge of the fretboard and music styles.

Guitar Method 3

Book 3: Advanced

Book III is for the advanced player and serious guitarists, covering all modern scales, techniques inc modal improvisation, advanced time signatures,quartal and intervallic.

School Books

Books for Schools

Our teaching method is used by many schools across Western Australia. Please contact us to enquire about using it for your school too.


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